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    Machine Measuring
    Machine measurement components are integrated into larger machine and equipment engineering systems. These sensor components are used to detect distance, angle or number of rotations, where precision positioning is required and to display the results in either digital or analogue format as required. Examples sensing and display components are found in every avenue of the broad industry spectrum.

    We offer the full range of SIKO and other brand machine measurement systems. These products include:

    Digital Position Indicators

    Where basic measurement of a machine's table movement is required, a position indicator can easily be fitted behind the control handwheel, delivering a readout to match the pitch of the screw. This is available in mechanical and electronic display options. An example application is on an imported woodworking machine. More Information


    These sensor components are used to detect distance, angle or number of rotations and are available in solid and hollow shaft units with various resolutions, output circuits and casing strengths. More Information

    Gear Potentiometers

    For absolute measurement of angles and distances sensed by a combination of single or multi-turn potentiometers and gearing, the position of the potentiometer provides analog signals of adjustment movements to controls and measurement indicators. More Information

    Wire-Actuated Transducers

    These units convert linear movements to rotational movement and activate mechanical counters, incremental, angle encoders or potentiometers depending on the customer's requirements. More Information

    Electronics Measurement Displays

    These units are multifunctional and complement SIKO's other products to supply a complete package. More Information

    Contactless Sensing

    MAGLINE contactless sensing using magnetic fields converted to analog measurement values, with absolute or incremental output signal forms. This technology is ideal for linear and radial positions and measuring revolutions or angles, especially in extreme industrial conditions where dust, oil, grease, vibrations or shock are a hindrance. More Information

    Tacho Generators

    ServoTek Products, Inc., is a world renowned manufacturer of instrument-grade DC tachometers, serving customers involved in automotive, industrial machinery control, robotics, and process monitoring related applications. More Information


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