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    Regal Air Systems brings together the strength and experience of three of South East Asia's leading manufacturers of air moving products for the HVAC industry. FASCO®, Australian Fan & Motor Co (AFMC) and Torin are now in a position to offer industry an unparalleled range of products under the Regal Air Systems banner.

    Our products include the revolutionary high efficiency DEC Star® using integrated ECM axial flux motor & blower technology, direct drive blowers , fan decks powered by Genteq® imPress® axial flux or radial ECM motors as well as our standard product range including; axial fan blades, tangential fans, direct drive blowers and fan decks, belt drive blowers both forward and backward curved, plug fans and axial fan assemblies.


    Direct Drive Blower
    Direct Drive Fan Desk
    MaEr Axial
    Yllida Belt Drive
    Axial Fans
    Centrifugal Wheels
    Fasco FPP Plug Fans
    Belt Drive FWD Curve
    Tangetlal Fans
    AirSystems Selection Guide